Saturday Netball Duties

If your team is listed for canteen duty you must provide one helper per hour.  Most teams find it easiest to provide one parent for 15 minutes then swap with another parent for 15 minutes etc.  Please remember that for health regulations anyone who helps in the canteen must be aged 14 years or over.

If your team is listed for grounds duty at 8.00am you need to take goal post protectors to courts and distribute rubbish bins around court areas. If your team is listed for grounds duty at 11.30am you must return all goal post protectors to the shed and collect all rubbish bins from around the courts.

Thank you for your assistance with these duties, everyones help makes Saturday morning netball run smoothly.


 12 May 2018  Canteen8.30am STM Gems, Cooroora Crazies, Noosaville Emeralds, Tewantin Tigers
   9.30am GSLC Falcons, Tewantin Wildcats, Noosaville Diamonds, GSLC Magpies
   10.30am GLSC Pelicans, Dominators, STCC Jalapenos
  Grounds duty 8.00amCooroora Cookies
   11.30amSTM Unicorns
 19 May 2018 Canteen 8.30amGSLC Willy Wagtails, GSLC Emus, Eumundi Flames, STM Stars
   9.30am STM Fire Crackers, GSLC Lorikeets, GSLC Kookaburras
   10.30am Noosaville Sapphires, STM Unicorns, GSLC Peacocks
  Grounds duty 8.00am STM Dynamites
   11.30am GSLC Eagles
 26 May 2018 Canteen 8.30am STM Panthers, Tewantin Cubs, GSLC Doves, GSLC Kingfisher
  9.30am Tewantin Panthers, Cooroora Cyclones, STM Warriors
   10.30am Eumundi Starlights, STM Lightning, GSLC Eagles
  Grounds duty 8.00am STM Rebels
   11.30am STM Saints